Night of the long knives

Oh dear

Night of the Long Knives

But not everybody is unhappy


Subject: Senior Management Restructure

Dear All,

 As you are aware, the Chief Executive has committed to reduce the senior management of the organisation by a third and met with Directors and Heads of Service at 16:30 yesterday afternoon to present his proposed structure to achieve this. Prior to it taking place I was asked to meet with him and informed that the Head of IT Services post was being deleted from the structure and that I would be made redundant. Therefore I will probably be leaving the organisation during March of next year. Like most of you I have been thinking about this for some time and am not too unhappy with the outcome.

 I thought it important that you heard this from me rather than via an indirect route or through rumour.

 This gives me about five months to get IT Services in the best shape I can for whatever lies in the future and I hope we can work together to achieve this.



Which gives him five months to order the 66 vitally important iPads for elected members, without which they cannot do their jobs, apparently.

As reported HERE

Know Thy Fate

Wirral Council Employees - your fate is a point on somebody else’s action plan. 
Ever felt you’ve been cheated?
And when questioned the Head of Propaganda responded THUS

So, who do you trust ?
"And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgement now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not."

Rotten Boroughs and The Price Of Failure

The Wirral Way ……………

and yet again they make Private Eye’s Rotten Boroughs. But they know no shame, …..anyone for golf?

"Is There Anybody There ?"

Yet More Piss Poor “Corporate Governance” Wirral Council Style..

From the Wirral Globe

“ASTONISHING parallels have emerged between a highly critical investigation into Wirral Council’s inadequate ethics and governance in 2005 and an equally damaging inquiry conducted six years later.

A review by local government watchdog the Audit Commission published in August of 2005 found Wirral guilty of alarming errors at the most senior level as it sought to transfer its highways administration centre from Bebington to the Cheshire Lines building in Birkenhead”

Here’s the Audit Commission Report (CLICK)

We think his comment on the Wirral Globe web site sums it up best ;)

"I bet they’re Green around the gills in Canning Street.

PS. The “new chief executive Jim Wilkie” was formerly the “deputy chief executive” mentioned in this report, wasn’t he?

The highways director is STILL the highways boss.

The finance boss is STILL the finance boss.

No doubt they will all come rushing forward waving their £100k salary cheques insisting they’re the right men to investigate themselves, in a statement issued by the furious Sultaness of Spin.

And on and on - and on - we go.”

We are imagining an apoplectic Frank Field Mp running toward Town hall rather like Bishop Brennan from Father Ted :)

Inside DASS - “Power, Corruption And Lies”

The true chaos that goes on within Wirral’s Department of Adult Social Services (D.A.S.S) is underlined by these two posts on the Wirral Globe website. How can this be allowed to continue ???

RE: DelayGate/Bullying

" RE the so called "Four week delay".If only it had been four weeks, horrendous though that was, but there were many,many times when it was very much longer than that, as countless Social Workers can confirm. When all work was completed it was firstly sent to the Team Manager and then frequently sat on that persons desk for about two weeks. I know this because I plagued the manager seeking confirmation that they had been forwarded for signing to the Principal Manager! Then, maybe a week or two there, before EVENTUALLY arriving at the Brokerage Office to be actioned!
At this point one would have hoped to breathe a sigh of relief that at last, the human beings I cared about, AND their families, might get the Service they so desperately needed and deserved.

 But no, Brokerage would THEN inform me there was a FOUR WEEK DELAY, unless I could get a waiver agreed by the manager.

SO, BACK TO THE MANAGER I WENT, AND WAS ADVISED TO CONTACT THE PRINCIPLE MANAGER, who would sometimes agree it there and then, or may ask for FURTHER information!! SO, FOUR WEEK DELAY?!

THE ANGER AND FRUSTRATION FELT BY ME on behalf of the human beings I was committed to helping, was immeasurable.

Having to speak to them every day and trying to reassure them I was doing everything I could to move things forward.

It made me feel ashamed, and affects me even now and made me ill at the time.
We were FORBIDDEN to use the term “Four week delay”!. AND, lest anyone should forget,the Bullies were, and are fully operational, up there in their gun turrets, just waiting for ANYONE to cross their line of fire.
Bullying was, and is, endemic in DASS.

And, where might I ask, are the Unions in all of this?. NOT A PEEP!!!!
To my former colleagues can I just say I have every sympathy for those of you who continue to do an exemplary job of work on behalf of those you serve, and never lose your own integrity and moral compass,as [there are ]those [who] we know only too well,have.”


RE: Bullying/ bureaucracy and corruption

"As a former senior officer in Wirral Social Services, who was hounded out by senior management, I say there should be a thorough clearout of the existing offenders, and action taken, even criminal proceedings, against those who have left with huge golden handshakes. An investigation should also be held into how the former and present Chief Executives were appointed. i.e. did they have to compete against other(perhaps better qualified) candidates?

Also the term Local “Authority” should be abolished, for this is one of the symbolic reasons, Councils think they can ride roughshod over, ratepayers and their clients and bully and abuse staff. They have no “authority” over us; they are our public servants, and are supposed to protect and care for vulnerable and needy clients. And the sooner they are re-educated about their true role, the better it will be for all of us.

I have plenty to say about the endemic insularity and corruption in this department where I battled for 12 years against incompetence, mindless bureaucracy, bullying of staff and negligence of their clients. The social work “industry” has its own superior de-humanising jargon which deluded hem into believing they are “professionals”. e.g. “Siblings”, “Service Users” etc. These terms should also be abolished forthwith.

I note that this department has been “re-organised five times in the past three years at vast public expense. Yet the situation has become progressively worse. Someone has rightly described it as “Changing the deckchairs around on the Titanic”. How true! Nothing changes or improves. I have just googled “Wirrral Social Services Dass Structure” and was amazed at the ever increasing bureaucracy and proliferation of even more non-jobs. Never mind the politically correct non-jobs, under one of the “Heads of Branch” fiefdoms (of which there are four) in just one - Mr Beyga’s “Personal Support Branch”, has several Principal Officers, then two Team Managers, various other senior highly-paid posts, until we come to no less than eight “Pop In Advisors”. And this is in only one Wirral “branch”!
What on earth these people are paid to do, our moronic councillors (who have allowed themselves to be duped for too long) should be investigating.

Finally apart from this “Branch” being entitled “Personal” Support, they even have a “Community” Development Officer! What on earth she does is a mystery - particularly since in an austere atmosphere of swingeing cuts -such Council appointments are not a statutory requirement. i.e. they are a non-essential indulgence.

But this is only a sample of what goes on in Wirral’s answer to Alice in Wonderland.
Watch this space!”

Wirral Council News Desk Of Shame Part 1,000,002



Whistle Down The Wirral - Delaygate.

Lets look at this whistle-blowing case highlighted in the Wirral Globe.

The whistle-blowers first response from Wirral Council was as below


From: “Cooper, Howard” <>

To: “Andy Campbell ”  

Subject: Not read: Confidential Reporting procedure

Date: 18 February 2011 15:06

Your message

  To:      Cooper, Howard; Norman, Bill D.

  Cc:      Unison

  Subject: Confidential Reporting procedure

  Sent:    Thu, 17 Feb 2011 10:00:32 -0000

" was deleted without being read on Fri, 18 Feb 2011 14:06:53 -0000”


OOOPS !!! Darn my clumsy fingers ! Oh well, he might just go away.


His final missive from the interim Social Services Director dated 31st August 2011 SIX MONTHS LATER ….contained these nuggets, apparently based purely on a conversation with the Head Of Access And Assessment and the Legal fella at the Council (busy guy these days no doubt)

So there you have it , a robust and wide-ranging investigation which interviewed staff did an internal trawl of all emails relating to key words and phrases such as “delay” “four week”  “waiver” …. OH WAIT BUT that didn’t happen did it  , and it would appear they expended as much effort to seek the truth as Dawn French puts in to resist chocolate.

Four-week delay whistle-blower tells the Globe why he did it

Carry On Regardless - Wirral DASS

Our sources, (lets call them HP and Heinz) have shown us the proposed restructure for Wirral’s Department Of Adult Social Services (DASS.) This must be  the fifth occasion in three years that staff have been “realigned” and we would question just how much this bureaucratic tomfoolery is costing the taxpayer.

Alas it would appear the Department, is on the whole, being managed by the same old clique and sadly it really does look like a case of simply moving the deck chairs around the Titanic. Yes the much loved Howard Cooper has left with his CBE and we have a new director, but unless there is a root and branch clear out of a department that has been shamed, of one that has been described as “toxic and dysfunctional” and a place were a culture of management bullying and intimidation pervades,then Lord and Lady Wirral Leaks fear nothing will really change. Again it seems to be merely spin bluster, piss and wind.

You can view the Draft restructure by clicking the link below

DASS Restructure

Nothing To See Here - Moving Along …

Is it any wonder the electorate have no faith in their Councillors and MP’s - Contrast and compare Councillor Roberts speech in 2009 [ Below- Re : Martin Morton’s concerns] to the Klonowski Report.  We really do hope she has read it and absorbed it’s full horror. Or will she again blithely stateDrawing this process out any further will serve no real purpose.” andIt’s time now to move forward, and look to the future “

[Here it is in full ]

Councillor Denise Roberts amendment, written in November 2009.

This matter has now been the subject of intensive investigation by the Audit Commission and by the Council’s own Internal Audit. 

A number of key reports have been produced and there are further reports for consideration on the Agenda of the Audit and Risk Management Committee tomorrow.

Let’s be quite clear what we are dealing with here, and what we are not dealing with.

●    We are not dealing with intentional fraud.

●    We are not dealing with decisions taken in malice.

●    We are not dealing with decisions taken for personal gain.

●    We are not dealing with hidden wrongdoing and corruption that needs to be rooted out and punished.


What we are dealing with, quite frankly, is a mess that needs to be sorted out.

●      We are dealing with honest decisions on charging taken at a time when there was no national guidance, which, in hindsight, could have been different.

●      We are dealing with decisions which were intended to improve the life of those moving from residential accommodation, where they had little disposable income, to supported living, where they had higher levels of disposable income.

●      We are dealing with decisions that, none the less, may have set charges too high, and then failed to review them.

●      We are dealing with people trying to do the best job they could, and that best job just not being good enough.

●      We are dealing with decisions not taken when the first opportunity to change things presented itself.

●      We are dealing with decisions taken, but not fully implemented.

●      We are dealing with a lengthy delay from the introduction of national guidelines on charges to their implementation in practice.

●      We are dealing, in short, with a period of intense stress, high staff turnover, chaos and confusion, dating back ten years or more, some of which led to the Department being placed in Special Measures.

This is not to excuse what happened. There were clearly significant and serious management failings, which we all recognise[sic]

It is right and proper that these failings should be properly investigated, and we have formally thanked Mr Morton for bringing these to the Council’s attention.

It is also right and proper that every effort is made to ensure these failings cannot happen again, and that procedures are put in place so we can be absolutely sure they won’t happen again.


It is also absolutely right and proper that any individual who may have been overcharged should be compensated for that overcharging.

A recommendation has already been made by the Audit and Risk Management committee to reimburse service users at Bermuda Road, Curlew Way and Edgehill Road, Moreton for overcharging between April 2003 and February 2006 and we welcome that.

A further report is being heard by members of that committee tomorrow night which looks at whether or not compensation should be paid for the period between 1997 and April 2003.

There is also a detailed report on the agenda from the Director of Social Services setting out the progress made in addressing the failures identified and ensuring they cannot happen again.

There have been allegations made of bullying against the whistleblower and Cabinet has already instructed the Director of Law, HR and Asset Management to initiate an investigation into these allegations and this will be carried out by an outside, independent person.

There is absolutely no reason to commission yet another investigation into areas that have already been exhaustively covered by the Council.

Measures have now been taken to put things right, and further measures have yet to be considered by the Audit and Risk Management Committee. 

It’s time now to move forward, and look to the future and to much of the excellent work now being carried out by the Department of Adult Social Services.

Drawing this process out any further will serve no real purpose.

I urge you to support this amendment. 


Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear it’s almost one of those “I have in my hand, a piece of paper” type moments all politicians dread isn’t it ?

We note Cllr Roberts stated that  “Measures have now been taken to put things right” yet we observe this distressing  comment on The Wirral Globe website

"Abuse still continues .The company contracted by the council for my sons care continually break the terms of their contract yet DASS continue to insist they provide his care.This despite the fact they have just been found guilty for the third time of financial abuse at his home.It took 4 years of complaints to all levels at DASS we were even told to stop e-mailing the director which we ignored. It took the intervention of the Ombudsman before DASS would even investigate.The 2 young men concerned have just been refunded almost £800 for this latest abuse and we have been awarded £100 in recognition of the delay and trouble taken in persuing the matter.When reporting it to CQC I was told they don’t look into individual complaints despite the fact the Care Company state this is how they operate in all their other houses."

We would also like to direct our gentle readers HERE  which reveals an email to Cllr Roberts from a concerned party …

We would expect a full and unequivocal public apology, but sadly breath holding is not advised.

Accountabilty Please !!

More headlines to be proud of !!

WBC on the main evening BBC  News, “Morton Vs Foulkes Cage Match” … well maybe not quite….

The Klonowski Report

Click the link below to see just what cost the Council £250,000. We would expect more heads to roll in coming weeks in the Councils Department of Adult Social Services, who are an utter disgrace.   It’s shocking they could get things so wrong, and wilfully try to bury the truth along with Martin Morton’s reputation. He is now exonerated and his fight will hopefully have been worthwhile.

Heads Start To Roll …..Wirral Council.

Two senior officers leave Wirral Council by, *ahem*”mutual consent”

The first of many ????

More in the Globe HERE

A golden cone will be awarded to those who guess who !!

And to continue the musical theme of our earlier post today….