You Spin Me Right Round Baby

Whilst Council CX,  Goofy “Kubla Khan” Burgess relaxes in the newly refurbished extension of his ego (yes it’s HUGE) over at Clown Hall, Council Staff are not happy.  It appears many may be getting “the bullet, or "F**ked up the arse with rusty spike after being made to eat shit for years" as Eldritch so colourfully puts it.  Even today, despite the spin, we hear tales of the sort of bullying that makes water boarding at Guantanamo Bay seem like a fun filled trip to “Splash Mountain.”

One time Communist Party* member (*citation) Goofy hasn’t exactly had a tricky time with the local media, given the horrendous mess WBC  are still in.  An example of this kind of powder puff, kid gloves treatment revealed itself in all its  ghastly glory when GB appeared on BBC Radio  Merseyside,  and was given the soft focus treatment by Roger Philips…”So Graham, how do you cope with being so f**king awesome, day in day out”

 Our rotund and sweet-toothed cook Mrs. Doughball was not happy with this interview AT ALL and got in a terrible lather whilst kneading her large sweet dumplings.  Thankfully, with Verity’s help she took some solace by sending a rather sharp missive to the BEEB.  In short her complaint begged the question why was a public service broadcaster affording dear old Goofy a licence fee funded soapbox to sell his cuddly, cosy ‘vision ?’

Below you’ll find  the BBCs official response.  Maybe staff and soon to be ex-staff  can email Mr Phillips with some suggestions of possible questions to put to good ole Goofy Burgess ?  The BBC Website states ” Whatever your views on the topics of the day, Roger Phillips on BBC Radio Merseyside is the person to call on 0151 709 9333.”

After all he really does want you to have your say over “What Really Matters .” So much so in fact, he commissioned a video

Now, here’s that Email


Subject: BBC Complaints -

Dear Mrs Doughballe [sic]

Reference CAS- Doughballe 417000

Thanks for contacting us regarding Radio Merseyside.

We’re sorry to note you were unhappy with Roger Phillips interview with Graham Burgess.

The programme was a half hour conversation between Roger Phillips and Graham Burgess in the programme “The Phillips Hour”. The focus of the programme is to discover the person behind the title, their career history, and aspects about their personal life. The programme doesn’t set out to examine the current roles of interviewees per se, but instead looks at how they arrived at this juncture of their life.

As you may be aware, Mr Burgess took up his role as Chief Executive of Wirrall [sic] Borough Council on Sept 3rd 2012. Accordingly, Radio Merseyside are planning to have Mr Burgess as a Hot Seat guest early next year, when Roger will challenge him thoroughly on his new role. We believe this will be an appropriate and established platform to conduct the type of interview you suggest.

Nevertheless, we’ve also registered your comments on our audience log. This is the internal report of audience feedback we compile daily for the programme makers and senior management within the BBC. The audience logs are important documents that can help shape future decisions and they ensure that your points, and all other comments we receive, are made available to BBC staff across the Corporation.

Thanks again for contacting us.

Kind Regards

Stuart Webb
BBC Complaints

WBC -This Weeks Pay Off’s and Lunacy

Good afternoon, Verity here

A couple of new snippets for fans of all things Leaky..And it’s crazier than Tom Cruise on Planet Mad.

Firstly WBC finally reveal how much they paid off  Employee A And Employee B AKA M&M  -  Mike Fowler and Maura Noone, yes a combined total of £220,539.40 !!!! as revealed by this tenacious FOI  blogger

In other news the results of the Councils “What really Matters” PR exercise in lip-service is out.. SEE HERE 

Somewhat bizarrely the reports author is one Emma Degg, who is apparently Head Of Tourism… We can think of no legitimate reason why a Head Of Tourism would be writing such a report other then the fact that the  Council appears to be planning to put most of its staff on vacation -permanently.

Meanwhile Whistlelower Martin Morton appears on the Community Care website telling his shocking story whilst channelling the spirit of Max Headroom (or maybe it’s just the editing)


And finally a new contract has been published by Wirral Borough Council entitled - “Provision of an Assessment and Triage Service for Deprivation of Liberties Safeguards!!!!” Erm………………..surely not outsourcing statutory responsibilities.

Take care, Verity x

Quantum of SOLACE

Last night I was rudely awoken from a postprandial snooze by some startling knockers.

Eldritch ran immediately to the Leaky Towers entrance where he saw a couple of figures running away into the distance. ” Fucking trick or treaters!  -should I get the 12 bore M’lud. I understand that nice Mr.Cameron chap is all in favour of blasting the head off bloody burglars……”

 Lady W, exasperated by the fact that her viewing of the documentary “Downton Abbey” had been interrupted, sternly interjected:

 ”Oh really Earnest, must we have such a commotion!  I think Dear David may have had hardened criminals in mind rather than kiddies asking for sweeties……  “

 "It’s a slippery slope M’am…and I should know.  I started off begging for money outside Leaky Square Station with a tatty Guy Fawkes .Next thing you know I’m in a branch of NatWest wearing a balaclava and brandishing a sawn -off shotgun …."


It was at this point that Miss Snoop espied a mysterious note lying on the parquet.Ever the one for proper decorum Lady W declared: "Eldritch - the silver salver and the tortoiseshell letter opener, if you would be so kind."

 And so with due ceremony I slipped the note from the envelope and this is what it said:

  Statement from the HESPE Whistleblowers

 The HESPE Whistleblowers have met with Wirral Council to express their serious concerns regarding the investigation procedure.

 Mainly that the independent investigator Mr Richard Penn did not interview them or request any evidence from the Whistleblowers.

 Mr Penn did state that he would need to interview the group regarding the statutory officer involvement etc. However, the Council then decided not to involve the investigator any further with the group.

 We are perplexed how the Council has stated (No case to answer) we have informed Wirral Council that this cherry picking manoeuvre will be exposed.


And so it would appear another character is added to the cast of Wirral Council Cluedo.Who could be this mysterious Mr. Penn?

 Quick as a flash Verity is fiddling with her i-thingy and it would appear that Richard Penn works for the organisation SOLACE Enterprises.  Which, to be frank, we all thought sounded like an organisation run by a Bond villain.  However according to their website:

 SOLACE (Society of Local Authority Chief Executives and Senior Managers) is the representative body for senior strategic managers working in the public sector.  The Society promotes public sector management excellence and provides professional development for its Members who come from all areas of the public sector.  Whilst the vast majority of its members work in local government it also has members operating in senior positions in health authorities, police and fire authorities and central government.  SOLACE spans all of the UK, having membership in Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and England.

   SOLACE Enterprises is wholly owned by the Society and operates, in effect, as a “not for profit” public sector company.  It provides high quality, customer-focused and practical support to local government, the public sector, and the voluntary sector, both in the UK and internationally.

 Which rather makes SOLACE sound like a Corporate Old Boys Network if you ask us.

At which point it might be useful to remind everyone that Michael Frater is also a member of SOLACE.

 We can only assume that Mr.Penn has been attracting the same kind of financial remuneration from Wirral Council, as did Mr.Frater…………. a quantum of SOLACE indeed.

The Ex-Files Update - Wirral Council

The Ex-Files Update
Well I must say the brouhaha that has followed the revelation that Wirral Council’s Former Chief Moneyman  Ian Coleman has swanned off with a big bag of swag amounting to £82K comes as no surprise.However  we our led to believe that this is but nothing compared to the true amount.
An anonymous well informed source tells us: 
"The 82K is certainly the tip of the iceberg and is simply the sum Wirral charge payers are handing over to Merseyside Pension Fund to allow the retiree to go before his normal retirement date (60 yrs. minimum)

An additional severance payment is normally paid to the individual concerned and can be up to 66 weeks of salary. Given that Wirral MBC Chief Officers enjoy a remuneration of over £100k per annum the payoff can be well into six figures. Officers mentioned on your site in the past have certainly collected a payoff of this magnitude. “
Lord Wirralleaks is minded to recall the parting words of his late rebellious cousin Sir Jonathan Rotten : "Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?
We also understand from the same source that David Garry the Chief Internal Auditor - also allegedly implicated in some shady shenanigans may have ”retired” last week.Any information on his “remuneration” would be gratefully received.
Of course we’d like to think ,as Council Tax payers, we should be able to freely access the information on where all our money is going and how much is actually involved.However we understand that these Compromise Contracts which are flying around like a flock of birds migrating south for winter, preclude the pesky public from ever finding out about the tidy sums disappearing into the Cheshire countryside.
I have to say I am so perplexed by what seems to be a very rum do indeed I wandered into the garden with Lady W in an attempt to clear my head and make sense of it all.It was here that I espied through my monocle the rugged physique of the gardener Eldritch getting to grips with a dirty hoe.I asked him what his considered opinion was:
 ” A fucked up fuck witted clusterfuck, if you’ll pardon my language Sir”

"But Eldritch, can we not take SOLACE ?” I enquired
"Thing is sir, the only thing SOLACE is taking, is the fucking piss,and lots of taxpayers money   if you don’t mind me saying so sir"


DASS Update: According to Peer Review Progress Not Even So-So” “

It’s now late summer and somewhat like this snifter of Courvoisier I have in my hand  we’re feeling fine and mellow at Leaky Towers and we’ve been musing  on how we’ve got to know each other very well now - so lets dispense with the formalities for the time being.

We may be members of the landed gentry but in the words of those good buddies Cameron and Brooks -"we’re all in this together" right?.  Therefore, you have special permission to henceforth refer to me by my first name Julian and my loyal and trusted Ladyship is quite happy to be called Justine.

 So, in the spirit of such bonhomie we’ve been trying to find out for you what Wirral Council’s Department of Adult Social Services has been up to lately.

As you may know they’ve got a new Director - a certain Mr.Hobgoblinson or some such and they even have a plan -  "The Everything is Going To Be Nice & Lovely Plan" - so many wonderful,clever  ideas with timetables and pie charts and spreadsheets and outcomes and targets and so on and so forth (sorry correction - Justine has just whispered in my ear :” not targets dear ,targets have become very unfashionable ” - and as we know its all about appearances these days and if its one thing darling Justine knows about its  fashion  - there isn’t a day that goes by without her fingering her way through Vogue and its supermodels).

 So there I was thinking so far, so good until dainty Miss Verity just tiptoed in with a note on a silver platter.

 And oh dearie ,dearie me  it would appear that so much for DASS getting its house in order as the unbelievable news reaches us that the so and so’s at DASS are renewing contracts with a “care provider” who were heavily criticised in the notorious AKA report and who has featured prominently in despatches from Leaky Towers and horrifyingly in this particular story "A Grave Injustice."

 How so? I hear you cry?!  

Well apparently all those associated with Service Provider 10 has been given the all clear because the owner has been very upset about pranging the Bentley (don’t you just hate it when that happens?) and so all is forgiven apparently - and so - its business as usual and  they are now an integral part of The Everything Is Going To Be Nice & Lovely Plan  -   so break out the Bollinger boys and girls!.

 However as dear,darling Verity points out things are not as Oh So Rosy as it would  appears as there a few pesky social workers in DASS who are not very happy about this situation as it means they may be have to get into bed (if you’ll pardon the expression ) with a particular person associated with appalling practices ( I’m assuming that these “practices” which would be classed as criminal if perpetrated against you or I were never investigated properly by DASS/CQC or Police or as Ernest Eldritch, our earthy gardner puts it in his own inimitable style - “Seems they just couldn’t be fucking arsed sir, if you’ll pardon me for saying so m’lud”.

 So I suppose the question that disgruntled social workers should be posing is whether DASS managers or indeed anyone associated with the Council would be happy to have members of their family under the “care” of someone with a “bit of a rep" as once again Eldritch delightfully puts it

 And so - at this juncture I fear that all I can do is sigh deeply,adjust my monocle and commandeer one of Justine’s fashionista phrases and proclaim: ” OH DASS - this is SO VERY YOU"   

   READ MORE AT CBBC , sorry we mean CQC  has ANYTHING changed ?

More shocks in store ……

We, at Leaky Towers, are all a-quiver about the promise of astonishing revelations from mysterious sources.  It is clear from these sources that there are Town Hall employees  who are STILL afraid to go through official channels…..(and looking at this week’s Page 3 of the Globe my dears who could blame them - suicide may be painless but it’s pretty drastic isn’t it Mr. Morton?).

 However, Lord and Lady WL are sitting here with our dry Amontillado breathless with anticipation, should Miss Snoop sweep majestically and stealthily like a young gazelle with the promised piece of paper, which has been referred to in a number of cryptic communiqués from a variety of sources?

Apparently whatever is on this piece of paper is occupying the minds of the great and good of Wallasey Town Hall (OK not great and most definitely not good but I think you know who  we mean)   and what’s more it explains an awful lot about Town Hall bungling over the past few years ……..

At our age, my Good Lady and I could do with an explanation because frankly we’re having difficulty following the plot of 'Murder She Wrote' these days, so as you can imagine the recent Town hall “machinations” leave us bewitched, bothered and bewildered.

Watch this space, the press and all your favourite news sources.

Wirral Council Goes Back To School

As I take a break from watching the Beach Volleyball and as my good Lady was showing  a particularly avid interest in the swimming at the Olympics ,my wonderful personal assistant Miss Snoop (herself a fine Lacrosse player in her day) has just brought to my attention that Wirral Councillors and their Officers are “being sent back to school”.

Yes seriously !  Yet again Wirral Council projects itself beyond satire and in doing so demonstrates the normal isn’t just abnormal, it’s bat shit, eye rolling, tongue lolling, spittle flecked nuts!  One can only conjecture what might be on the curriculum at this school for incompetents  although I suspect that Reputation Management, The Art of Spin and How to Manage a Cover Up will feature prominently.

And I’m sure that “Games” would be well attended, although sadly it appears there will be no sack race!

 It does make me wonder what the Council Officers who have attended Masters in Business Administration courses (which we the public have paid for) have been doing with their qualifications. One suspects they’re merely adornments on some glittering CV’s as any “learning” has clearly not been brought back to the workplace. How much do these people get paid ?  Our coachman Vainian has been heard calling these officers “self-serving fuckwits” and although we do not approve of such colourful industrial language (unlike Brain Moore domed  Councillor Harry “Fuck you! ” Smith) we believe he may have adroitly summed up the problem.


We understand that a spokesperson for the Council has issued the following statement: “

"Lessons have been learned so ,er, lessons must be learned………will that do as an empty soundbite for now?".


We also note that the  Council safeguarding improvement plan  [ Council Report on Adult Protection or C.R.A.P.) is amazingly still some way off being acceptable!!!!


Now even a cursory glance would suggest that surely the advice within is obvious stuff, and something we would have expected them to be doing as the NORM!! And therefore begs the question what the hell were they doing before now ??


Lord Wirral-Leaks

A Wirral Leaks welcome to the new chief exec.

Wirral Leaks welcomes Graham Burgess, Wirral’s FIFTH (count ‘em) chief executive in under two years.

Our ever vigilant retainer and PA Miss Verity Snoop, has been doing some a-googling and found that ex poacher turned game keeper Graham doesn’t like to mention the fact that when he was a Union leader in Liverpool in the 80’s he wrestled Derek Hatton ala Alan Bates and Oliver Reed in "Women In Love" style to the ground. And thus [according to Graham’s PR team] single handily stopped Militant in its tracks, saving the country from communism and all that lefty lunacy, y’know stuff like proper contract monitoring, no artificial delay on care packages, spending public money to benefit all the people. But he doesn’t like to talk about it. So much so that he mentions the fact  he doesn’t like to talk about it in every interview he’s given. EVER.  Even if he isn’t asked.

  We note that like most rubicund hued ex Union reps Graham likes a pint or two down at the local gastro-pub  and relaxes watching the footie, without paying obviously, as reported in the Daily Telegraph HERE

Graham Burgess of Blackburn with Darwen spent £213 buying tickets to two Blackburn Rovers matches in 2009 for him and nine guests. He also spent hundreds of pounds on regular lunches at his local pub, the Clog and Billycock.

The council said that in both cases Mr Burgess was entertaining “key local and regional partners”.

Entertaining how ?

I mean entertaining like he’s a clown, to amuse you? to make you laugh, he’s here to f*cking amuse you? What do you mean entertaining?  entertaining how?

So a Goodfella and just the man to set Wirral straight then, welcome aboard old chap. We do things differently here don’cha know! …you’ll never leave……

More Allegations From “The Boiled Frog” Council

It would appear Local Authority “Trouble-shooter” Michael Frater “gets” what’s been going on at Wirral Council for years, a place in which senior officers have  treated public office like a private gentleman’s club. In a recent interview with the Daily Post Mr Frater said the council was suffering from “Boiled Frog Syndrome” meaning in simple terms-  if you throw a frog into a pot of boiling water, he’ll jump out. But if you place a frog into a pot of lukewarm water and slowly turn up the heat, it will boil to death. A nice analogy into how doing what’s right has stopped being the normal as staff and senior officers have become almost brainwashed  and inured to bad practice. Like some sort of mad “cult.” where wrong is right and anybody who dares speak out is left up shit creak without a paddle.

Mr Frater explained  "“What happens is it’s almost a form of institutionalisation. It’s the boiled frog syndrome – people stop noticing things are a bit different to elsewhere and don’t know how to go about changing it.” He also felt that 250-page report by independent consultant Anna Klonowski which took six months to prepare and cost Wirral taxpayers £250,000 report somewhat understated just how abnormally abnormal and freakishly bizarre Wirral BC’s practices are, and that the tag of a place where"the abnormal is normal" will, according to Michael “take the authority years to shake off – but it’s true, weird things were happening here”. 

Weird and also morally wrong as well as downright illegal Michael old son.  You must also wonder what the hell Wirral’s MP’s have been doing all this time ? (watch them jumping on various bandwagons very soon.)  So do we finally have somebody who really does “get” just how corrosive the culture within Wirral MBC has been ? How they have let down the public, abused the vulnerable and wasted tax payers money whilst bullying staff, attempting to silence whistle blowers and ruthlessly pursing their own careerist ambitions like greedy hobgoblins.  When exactly did they lose sight of what it means to be a public servant and how could they have been allowed, for so long, to treat the public with such utter contempt ? [ Full Frater interview HERE]

We suggest any clean up depends on just how deep Mr Frater wants to dig. For example today at Leaky Towers we have received information from a reliable source who tells us about the shambolic way  Personalisation was implemented in Wirral’s woefully inadequate Department Of Adult Social Services (DASS) . They tell of many staff going off with stress, overloaded with cases simply to meet targets, of bullying managers so inept they should have sticky notes with “arse” and “elbow” written on them, lest they forget.  How, when staff question a system, they are told “It is NOT to be questioned, it is what it is"  We have also had sight of  information which may explain why this was the case.

It has been suggested in a piece of correspondence we have seen that the Reform Grant, which is supposedly a ring fenced revenue grant to be used specifically for the purposes of transforming adult social care and which totalled over £3 million over three years was dipped into by a Head Of Branch, to cover overspends in other areas so as to deceive and also impress elected members.

There is a further allegation that under personalisation the resource allocation system (RAS) which defines each person’s personal budget, was reduced with the approval of a Head(s) Of Service  from 1.88 to 1.62, which would of course make management look super-duper at saving money but would also mean that all those in receipt of the Independent Living Fund would have been disadvantaged.  This can however be disguised at panel. …with some subtle manipulation of figures.  We have more information but at present will not publish it unless we have more corroboration.   

Worth looking into Mr F ?  Good luck, you may well need it. It’s a jungle in there!

Verity Snoop.

The Wirral Way - How Things Work Part 189.

Leaky- Towers seems to be getting positively inundated with anonymous missives from disgruntled and brow-beaten Wirral Council employees these days. Each new missive seems to reveal yet another fresh layer of Hell and makes Dante’s Inferno resemble something akin to a jaunty stroll through an enchanted forest.  It also appears that the endemic culture of bullying and intimidation is alive and quite literally kicking!

 One item which keeps popping up is the invasion of a so called “Liverpool Mafia.” It appears the infamous “Halton Mafia” that once ruled the roost in WBC’s Social Services with ham-fisted but ruthless impunity has slowly seen its influence crumble, like some sort of mushy, malignant, foetid “Farley’s Rusk.” This has been due in the main down to the simple fact that the officers involved were so very,very completely and utterly SHITE at their jobs and were universally despised by all right thinking staff.   However Wirral Council came up with another innovative idea from their book of  great ideas, one which sought to cure all of it’s Social Services Departments well documented ills. Why not  employ some of those nice folk  who worked across the water in Liverpool City Council, another local authority who do a rather natty line in bullying and inefficiency.  It is rumoured  that some may even have taken advantage of the recession and taken Voluntary Severance from Liverpool City Council in order to join the publicly funded Wirral Council gravy train - Well why not ? After all, it appears everybody is at it these days and after all, it’s only public money.

And so it came to pass that the Department Of Adult Social Services now have a new “Head of Personalisation,” one Christine Beyga, who formerly worked as the ludicrously, pompously titled ” Head Of Transformation” within Liverpool Council ( yes I know, it does sound rather like a Harry Potter job title doesn’t  it? Apt perhaps as  WBC has been practising the Dark Arts for many years.)  It appears this may well have been the start of the “Ferry ‘cross da Merzeee” and one can only hope that all these good folks who came on over were interviewed properly in fair, transparent ,open, competitive interviews.    

As the Liverpool crew made themselves at home, things did indeed transform…for the worse.  Sources  told us “safeguarding is becoming a joke,” that "they are getting jobs for their mates"  Another source tells us tales of tenders going out for “support planning” contracts, all part of the Personalisation Agenda (ie/ Cuts dressed up as empowerment) at the end of 2011 which caused them some concern. For example they suggest that a company called IPDF won the contract but it was decided to go through the process again.  It is furthermore alleged by our sources that a company called Self Direction was engaged by a senior manger to provide a support planning service for very vulnerable adults initially without approval of  the SLT /Council Members? And that anybody who raised questions around this matter suffered being bullied to the verge of a nervous breakdown.  Part of this does indeed seem to be true, as borne out by this Freedom Of Information request HERE .

  We of course, being old, infirm,  and quite frankly 4 weeks short of care package, have no knowledge as to whether all we have been told is factually correct but our faithful retainer and PA Verity Snoop did some more digging and unearthed some rather interesting information using something she called “Google”

This is Self Direction

Strangely it’s also listed here as ARCHITECTURAL & ENGINEERING ACTIVITIES & CONSULTANCY ????

Their Director listed   HERE  (make a note, you may need this later) and also ran a company called “Lifestyle and Dreams” which is listed as  SUPPORTING SERVICE ACTIVITIES FOR GOVERNMENT (now dissolved)

A further search reveals a Personalisation talk given by (Scroll to page 2 Item 2 ) ……, check those names  yes it’s two former Liverpool Council colleagues now ensconced in Wirral Social Care, one for WBC and one for Self Directions. What a coincidence!

other meetings here, again look for familiar names….

OH ! Why here they are again working as part of the LCC Personalisation Team

( see Page 153 of this

We of course are not alleging any impropriety, that would be outrageous. We are simply highlighting information that is already out there on this new fangled internet thingy-ma-bob !

Ok so how does Wirral Council monitor such companies to ensure they are delivering these services safely and efficiently ? After all its a lot of money and these are some of the most vulnerable people in society. Ones whose interests  Social Services are charged with safeguarding. I mean surely they’d check against their own robust criteria, have a check list, some sort of performance indicators ( because, after all PI’s are, according to one former DASS manager,  “sexy”)   ? No?

Well observe this FOI -

After months waiting for the disclosure of Wirral’s contract monitoring policy the person making the submission is told  

"Errr.. actually we don’t have one.." The reasoning ?  - "Well we use the CQC essential standards and outcomes. (Phew.. he almost had us there!! Aren’t we ever so clever, wriggling out of that one - *High fives*- these MBA’s are REALLY paying off now!)

Next question -  Ok, so how do you train staff to understand the application, implementation etc  of said standards  ?  I assume all staff are required to undertake rigorous training when working in such an important area ?

Er… Pause.. Er… Delay… Cue Internal review - Cue more delays..(*if we ignore him he might get fed up- shhhhh*)

Eventually, and with Wirral Councils track record, somewhat inevitably,  the person making the request has no other recourse but to submit a complaint to the Information Commissioners Office over Wirral’s abject failure to comply with a perfectly reasonable  Freedom Of Information request.

THEN - *fanfare* ….



Well actually we don’t train our staff… We just give them the book and tell them to get on with it.

Good luck to the vulnerable people of the Wirral!

DASS at its finest! Promoting best practice at every opportunity.

More Suspensions At WBC

FULL STORY HERE Via Wirral Globe

“It follows criticism in an investigation into the authority over the award of a £40m highways and engineering services contract in 2008.

The inquiry was carried out by the Audit Commission and found the director of highways and technical services, David Green, “had probably” broken EU laws over the way the contract had been handled.

The move means FOUR of the council’s most senior officers are now suspended from work with Mr Green having been told to stay at home pending an inquiry earlier this year.

This comes on top of a myriad of Council scandals, including many in WBC’s deeply dysfunctional Department Of Social Services, of which we may have more on next week. “ 

Have a good weekend.  Lord Wirral-Leaks and I will pour a largeSchadenfreude on the rocks’ when the hour becomes decent, and sit back and enjoy the publicly funded fireworks.

The Care Commissioning Speakers For 2012 Are.. ??

As Lord and Lady Wirralleaks enter their dotage thoughts have recently turned as to how we would like to spend our last days on earth, and hope that we will be afforded dignity and respect. 

 However we have been very concerned by local and national reports involving the neglect and abuse of the elderly and the vulnerable.  Therefore we have been seeking reassurance - to that end we asked our faithful retainer and PA Miss Verity Snoop to do some investigative work on our behalf. Ever diligent she has provided us with details with regard to an event in  London held this very week ( 27th-28th June, London Olympia) which is going to make everything hunky dory and fandabbydozy.

 We were studying  the list of speakers (see link above)  at the event  and we must say it looked mightily impressive, an MP ,oooh even a  Sir, several doctors and of course Chief Executives  - a veritable smorgasbord of the great and the good at the “cutting” edge of health and social care who are going to sort everything out ………….and then the blood in our veins ran cold, as we came across a strangely familiar name …….a certain…. Rick O’Brien.

 Now where had we heard that name before ?…..and after double checking and rubbing our eyes with disbelief  it transpired that, by jove ,yes we were right to be worried as this blighter is indeed an Obergruppenführer within Wirral MBC’s infamous DASS.

 Our first thoughts were- Why on earth are Wirral Council telling the rest of the country how to run a Social Services Department when it is apparent to one and all that for some time Wirral Social Services Management couldn’t organise a bunfight in a bakery?

 However more shocks were to come when we flicked through back editions of Wirralleaks to be  reminded that this was the rum cove behind the infamous and shocking 4 week delay scandal. A scandal which he consistently denied in the face of irrefutable evidence and continues to do so to this day claiming it was a “triarge” system not a delaying tactic (yeh right.)  It  has also been alleged that the general feeling amongst staff was that it had been introduced so that people “did the decent thing and either got so fed up they paid for their own care, went into hospital, or died.” One source and Social Care expert told our investigator that such “ a policy could essentially be considered one step away from euthanasia.” We of course could not possibly comment.

 If this is the future of social care and O’Brien is given a national platform to promote his “innovative solutions” there appears to be only one option ……….. before we become Lord and Lady Gaga we have agreed that  I, Lord Julian Wirral-Leaks will smother her ladyship and then I’ll take the tablets.

To quote our rough and ready gardener Dimbleby "You really could not make this shit up"


You can follow the commissioning Show on twitter via this hash tag #CommShow and @CommShow and on facebook . You could maybe question their choice of “expert”

Or see you there perhaps ?;)

No Shit Sherlock ! Council Staff Feel Bullied !

Wirral Council produces a staff magazine which is  unintentionally hilarious. Yet tragic. This patronising snippet (below) shows that apparently the ministers for propaganda at WBC are surprised that staff feel bullied ???? Durrr HELLO , earth calling WBC!!   This is despite the numerous stories in the local press and of course the AKA report.

So what does the Council do?   Well the usual of course ie/ Jack Diddley Squat(no that’s not the new Chief Execs name.) It merely states its current procedures, with a vague promise of revised procedures at some unidentified date in the future. Do staff, past and present have any faith in these procedures ?  Maybe we should ask Martin Morton ?  What would be sensible would be to set up  an investigation to look into the results of the survey, but that would mean taking real action and we can’t have that can we ? Besides the survey itself is merely another tool in the dark art of spin to evidence that everything is actually hunky dory. What they do, do  is to subtly spread any possible blame informing staff that it is everybody’s responsibility, thus making it all encompassing and not aimed just at shabby management alone.  (Odd that isn’t it because bullying usually comes from some sort of imbalance in a power dynamic)

We at WL are reliably informed that a MAJOR problem (no that’s not the new Chief Execs name either) within WBC is the bullying culture that emanates from senior managers. But of course they aren’t going to investigate themselves are they ?  That would be abnormally abnormal!

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