More Suspensions At WBC

FULL STORY HERE Via Wirral Globe

“It follows criticism in an investigation into the authority over the award of a £40m highways and engineering services contract in 2008.

The inquiry was carried out by the Audit Commission and found the director of highways and technical services, David Green, “had probably” broken EU laws over the way the contract had been handled.

The move means FOUR of the council’s most senior officers are now suspended from work with Mr Green having been told to stay at home pending an inquiry earlier this year.

This comes on top of a myriad of Council scandals, including many in WBC’s deeply dysfunctional Department Of Social Services, of which we may have more on next week. “ 

Have a good weekend.  Lord Wirral-Leaks and I will pour a largeSchadenfreude on the rocks’ when the hour becomes decent, and sit back and enjoy the publicly funded fireworks.

The WBC Golf Set

We wouldn’t be so bold or foolish as to suggest WBC would EVER be as unprofessional as to conduct it’s business on the golf course. In fact this photo from the Corporate Golf Wank Off in 2006 suggests that would NEVER happen, EVER.

Control yourselves, this much testosterone, dodgy knitwear, ill-advised “slacks” and coquettishly unbuttoned polo shirts could tear the very fabric of space and time asunder !